Disability Insurance works for you when you can't.  Disability policies can pay you a monthly benefit when you are unable to perform their work and earn money due to a disability.  There are many different private Insurance companies that provide different types of disability Insurance. Disability Insurance can be purchased privately. 

Social Security also provides disability insurance, including special compassionate allowance treatment for those who are very ill. Employees who've paid into Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) tax for a certain amount of time, may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability insurance if they meet the strict requirements of disability under the OASDI program.  

Disability insurance types have specific rules as to what constitutes a disability and how a person might qualify to receive disability benefits.  Generally, individuals must wait through an Elimination period before  the insurance takes effect. 

More expensive policies will have more liberal definitions of what constitutes disabled: watch for terms "any occupation" vs. "own occupation".  There are two types of Disability Insurance:  Short term Disability Insurance and Long term Disability insurance.

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